Honey from Lapland

Beebike’s own honey available!

Bees make honey mainly from the nectar of flowers, and the beekeeper’s job is to collect the harvest. The color, taste, smell and crystal structure of honey depend on the nectar of which flower species it is made from. Because of this, the honeys of different regions and times are different.

Beebike’s honey has not been pasteurized or mixed with anything. Honey is freely crystallized.

Beebike’s bees live in Rovaniemi, on the slopes of Ounasvaara. The bees spend the winter in the so-called winter ball, i.e. tightly together inside the hive, keeping each other and above all the queen warm. Bees do not hibernate like most insects, but inside the winter ball it is always around 30 degrees warm.

In fact, honey is made as winter food for the colony, not for human consumption at all. We beekeepers, on the other hand, replace the honey we take with sugar, which the bees can just as well store for food. In addition to sugar, at least one box of real honey is always left in the hive, where the last bee generation of autumn is raised. Sugar is consumed by bees during the winter and is not mixed with honey.